Compagnia de Teatro Profesional Antifaz & Festival FINTDAZ (CILE)

ANTIFAZ was founded in 1993 as a theatre company, under the direction of Abrahamsanhueza López, who developed the company’s artistic creation until 2011. During this period, she staged productions with the playwright Iquique Iris di Caro. Among those that stand out: La Fuente del Milagro, Kuyaskay and El Sinchi del ojos en Sombra. Over the years, it has won several Fondart projects in the field of creation and circuitry inside and outside the region, becoming one of the most important representative artistic groups in the Tarapacá region. In 2002 the company got its legal personality, which allows it to expand its field of work in the fields of management and training. In 2011 the Cultural Space Antifaz was created, a place with a stage, technical lights , audio equipment and a capacity of 50 spectators. Antifaz still wants to strenght art and culturein the Tarapacá region. This is the reason why it has a professional team working on the Management Plan funded by the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage through the OIC Program (Altro Istituzioni Collaboratrici dello Stato / Other State Collaborating Institutions). Since 2018, it offers a wide range of artistic workshops, programming of the performing arts and educational proposals for new audiences who are available to the entire community.