The project


2021 –Winner of Boarding Pass Plus – Grant of the Italian Ministry of Culture
2020 – Winner of INCREDIBOL – The creative innovation of Bologna – Municipality of Bologna and Emilia- Romagna region.
Selected project for ICARO Project, promoted by the Golinelli Foundation, in collaboration with Alma Mater Studiorum – Univerity of Bologna, University of Modena, Reggio Emilia, Parma and Ferrara.

– ATER Foundation, L’Arboreto Teatro Dimora, La Mama Umbria International, La Mama ETC New York, Laboratory for Global Performance and Politics – Georgetown University – Festival CrossCurrents – USA, Festival FINZDANZ and Festival FITICH – Chile, Festival Folkcanarias – Spain, TAFMA and Festival Hornbill – India, Studio Ramli Hassan – Malaysia, Centre Culturel Regional de Dakar Blaise Senghor –Senegal.

Supported by:
 – Italian Ministry of Culture, Italian institute of Culture of New Delhi
2020 – Italian institute of Culture of New Delhi, Madrid, Istanbul, Beijing, Emilia-Romagna region and Municipality of Bologna.

Beyond Borders, is an international project of artistic sharing, conceived and directed by Instabili Vaganti, born during the first period of Lockdown, which includes moments of exchange and co creation both live and on line, in order to keep active and alive the intercultural dialogue between international artists. The project foresees, remote collaborations through the use of digital media and online platforms, periods of residence, exchange of practices and training in different countries of the world, in order to undertake paths of shared creation and co-production.

The project borns in a moment of crisis due to the pandemic situation, which encouraged us to change our perspective, methodology and language to turn the limits into opportunities and to build a virtual space that could match together with the live artistic creation. A “eutopic” place that doesn’t exist in the real world, and, but that can be recreated thanks to the performative act through the exchange and the confrontation between artists and thinkers from all over the world.

The main goal of Beyond Borders consists in the overcoming of any kind of border: the one between the arts, the stylistic, cultural, geographic, linguistic, of gender or of thought, to create an international, multidisciplinary and cosmopolitan artistic community.

The working method is set on the remote artistic collaboration and on moments of sharing of live performative acts, to create an intercultural language which combines theatre, dance, video, visual and digital arts.

The project aims at the creation of trans medial works that can come along with the work process: online and live performances, web and docu-performances, film and documentaries and international co-productions having a multidisciplinary character.

It wants to be an instrument of reflection on the role that art and theatre have nowadays, in order to make a worldwide, slow and progressive revolution in ourselves, in theatre, in art and in the society.

The research is based on a continuous dialectical comparison with thinkers, critics and philosophers from all over the world, who are able to explore socio-political and cultural issues of global interest.

The project consists of three phases of development, which stand for three different moments of reflexion, comparison, and artistic creation:

  • The Global Forum
  • The creation of web video performance
  • International work sessions in different countries of the world involving international artists and partners of the project, aimed to share processes of co creations of live performances