Capanegra / Festival FITICH/ CRIA Chiloè (CILE)

Capanegra manages the International Fitich Festival, the Festival Internacional de Teatro Itinerante por Chiloé Profundo and the new CRIA Chiloè residence center, in southern Chile. Fitich is an international festival, working with the aim of decentralizing culture in the most remote regions of the country. To do this, each edition offers a program of international companies and artists to the public of the archipelago of Chiloè, in the south of the country, a program which is carefully chosen for their artistic excellence. 

The Festival is supported through cultural art projects, the support of local public institutions and the sponsorship of commercial companies. It takes place in unconventional places: cultural centres, churches, community seats, public spaces, schools and theatres. CRIA Chiloé is located in the Los Lagos region, on the large island of Chiloé, and it aims to promote and improve the exchange and cultural experience through an artist’s residence program; a space for artistic creation, intervention and experimentation, for the circulation of knowledges within the performing and visual arts.