Review by Michael Coveney for What’s on Stage

12 August 2014

Made in ILVA - The Contemporary Hermit (Edinburgh Fringe).

All theatre is physical, but some theatre is more physical […], [just like] this writhing, sweaty, angry solo performance by Nicola Pianzola of the Instabili Vaganti theatre company […].

[…]the performance deals less in facts and figures than in imagery and gesture. On a carefully lit, very small acting area, Pianzola rocks back and forth in a tiny steel cage, conveying the brutalisation of the work, its monotony and endless repetition. […]

The situation is like that in Ibsen’s An Enemy of the People, where the polluted spa is kept open to maintain the town’s economy. The ILVA factory still prospers, employing 12,000 local people. […]