Made in Ilva at the International Experimental Theatre Festival in Shanghai

From 21st to 27th November 2020 MADE IN ILVA will be shown on line and on demand within the International Experimental Theatre Festival in Shanghai. Info and tickets


Review by Dipanita Nath for The Indian EXPRESS

[…] On a dark stage, Pianzola performs solo under a swathe of light aided by nothing more than a ladder that becomes a metaphor for a cage that traps workers. […] When he called out to the audience, “Are you happy? Are you happy?” he got a silent response. “In south India, we were performing the piece on the street and one child replied, ‘Yes, I am happy’,” he says, “It was gratifying because the moment was like a man in a cage reaching out to the world.” Dorno, one of the few women theatre directors of Italy […] She was on stage, presenting the vocals in Made in Ilva, but it was about the powerful elements of presentation and performance that drew the crowds around her after the show. “In Italy, people come to me after a show because they are not used to a woman director,” says Pianzola.