Review By Lucy Ribchester for Festmag

August 8, 2014

Made in ILVA - The Contemporary Hermit: Recreating the horror and dehumanisation of the Italian ILVA steelworkers.

There comes a point in the middle of Made in ILVA where you feel as if you might be going mad yourself. Hallucinating the fact that performer Nicola Pianzola keeps repeating over and over “the brutalisation” while hammering the steel set with his palms (which are surely by now raw). Delirious with the metal rhythms he beats, and the sight of him twitching and fitting under a blood-red and white strobe light. It’s likely this is the desired effect, because the solo show aims to pay homage to the community around Italy’s ILVA plant who were affected by workplace fumes, brutal treatment and inhumane conditions. Incorporatng victim testimonies, Pianzola goes about recreating with forensic precision the destruction of both mind and body […]