Emanuela Ferrauto, dramma.it

20 March 2016


[…] MEGALOPOLIS is a “Experimentation and performing arts creation project in the global era” born in 2012 because of Anna Dora Dorno and Nicola Pianzola, in collaboration with the international performers team of the Instabili Vaganti International Laboratory (Swede/Norway/Italy/Korea) and with UNAM  Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México – Centro Cultural Universitario Tlatelolco / UVA Unidad de vinculacion artistica– Festival Internacional Cerro de Arena. A project with a decidedly international flavour that touches some of the biggest megalopolis of the world: Mexico City, Seoul, Teheran. […] The drama reminds a patchwork that derives from a difficult path of collection of testaments and reports supplied by the Mexican students involved in the project. […] The eradicated seeds of the youth of the 43 desaparecidos, probably thrown in a mass grave, will product a political and popular consciousness that now, thanks to Instabili Vaganti’s project, lives again through the theatre and the performance, recognizable and understandable elements for all cultures of the world. […]