Lockdown Memory

International project Beyond Borders

Direction Anna Dora Dorno
original Text Nicola Pianzola
Performer on stage Anna Dora Dorno, Nicola Pianzola
Performer on video Sun Young Park – S.KOREA, Juliana Spinola – BRAZIL, Anuradha Venkataraman – INDIA, Cecilia Seaward – USA, Jesus Quintero COLOMBIA, Ana Gabriela Pulido – MEXICO, Maham Suahil
– PAKISTAN, Jialan Cai, Yuwei Jiang | CHINA, Danial Kheyrikhah | IRAN
Original Music Riccardo Nanni
Video dramaturgy & editing: Anna Dora Dorno, Nicola Pianzola
Artistic residencies: La Città del Teatro – Fondazione Sipario Toscana Onlus | Accademia Perduta Ro- magna Teatri | RAT Residenze Artistiche Toscane With the support of: Accademia Perduta / Romagna Teatri | Teatro delle Donne

Lockdown memory is a performance that fully falls into the category of reality theater, capable of making the new multimedia languages dialogue with those of the scene, able to tell the complexity of an innovative project such as Beyond Borders, in which theater, video art and documentary films are intertwined through a re- mote collaboration with artists from all over the world. Textual and visual notes, physical and musical scores, conversations in zoom and scenes from the daily life of the artists involved are the dramaturgical fragments in progress that bounce off the walls of an aseptic room in search of a single glimmer, that virtual window open to a world , which had to mark its own borders, due to the pandemic. The performers on stage relive the different moments and situations caused by the lockdown, giving voice to the delicate social situation of the countries of the artists involved: from the protests of Black lives matter in the United States to the social revolt in Chile, from the mass exodus from the Indian megalopolis to the return to normality, after the tragedy, in the city of Wuhan.