AUSENCIA Alone in the crowd

Vocal action & Live media painting performance

Concept and performer Anna Dora Dorno
Live animation Saul Saguatti – Basmati Film
Music Alberto Novello JesterN
Artistic overview Nicola Pianzola
Production Instabili Vaganti | Basmati Film

A sterile white setting, an installation of white sheets, graphic signs, sketches of thoughts that become elements of the performer language and of the live video creation.
Images painted, filmed and animated that projected on the screen, create an active scenography, in constant evolution, that interacts with the performer’s actions in a dialogue that generate a live performance made of projections, physical and actions, images and sound in movement. A journey towards the origin f the memory, through a shining door, a screen in which the shadows of the origin f the humanity seem projected on, a blackboard where the hand of the creator seems a demiurge creator of the future through the memories of the past.
A journey of a woman searching for her own identity, trying to leave a trace of herself and of her individuality, in this world in which all passes fast without leaving space to the time of the memory. A solo in which the vocal abilities of the performer are pushed to the maximum of their possibilities in order to create situations and atmospheres, rhythms and songs that represent the noise in a crowd that surrounds the human being in his loneliness.
The performance uses the techniques of the Live video – animation set, a mix of traditional experiences such as painting, drawing, material animation and live video technology software.
The video creative passages are moving on different levels, starting from the background, not denying their scenographic function, but trying to exit and dialogue with the human partner and the audience, looking for an active role.

The performance is a work in progress within the new international research and creative project MEGALOPOLIS.
The research process started by Instabili Vaganti in collaboration with Basmati Film – Experimental images, aims to investigate the contemporary creation in the global era through the contamination of artistic innovative languages.
The task is to explore the loneliness of the human being in the nowadays society through a inner journey in the performer creative process.
The aim is to recreate the origin of the action and of the sound able to rediscover the original nucleus of memory, body, text, of the language as instrument to hold our own sensations, emotions, memories. To research the essence of the physical actions and the images decomposing the visual and performing language in rhythm and action, pure movement, signs in constant development that become songs, figures, meanings.