VIDEODANTE # Indonesia

Italian Institute of Culture of Jakarta production
Web video performance series, ITALY - INDONESIA 2021

7 video performances to celebrate the 700th anniversary of the death of the Supreme Poet

Direction: Anna Dora Dorno
Video editing: Nicola Pianzola
Performer: Anna Dora Dorno, Nicola Pianzola, Made Suteja, Kadek Budi Setiawan, Elly Evyana
Musician: Riccardo Nanni, Rosemainy Buang
Original music and sound editing: Riccardo Nanni – 7 Floor

The project was born from the remote collaboration between Instabili Vaganti, the Balinese dancers Made Suteja and Elly Evyana, the Balinese shadow theater performer Kadek Budi Setiawan, and the Gamelan musician Rosemainy Buang, in order to explore the numerous connections between Dante’s work and Eastern culture, from an iconographic, philosophical and theological point of view. The original music is by the composer Riccardo Nanni. The project is promoted by the Italian Cultural Institute of Jakarta.

The work of investigation and collection of suggestions on some chants of The Divine Comedy will be aimed at the production of seven different episodes, as well as the days spent by Dante in the otherworldly journey, which will compose a performative video series, tailored for the web platforms and the social media channels of the company and of the Italian Cultural Institute of Jakarta, to celebrate the 700th anniversary of the death of the great poet.