Italian Institute of culture of Madrid production
Web video performance series, ITALY - SPAIN 2021

7 video performance for 7 Arts

Direction and video editing: Anna Dora Dorno and Nicola Pianzola
original music and sound editing: Riccardo Nanni
Artistic concept in Italy: Instabili Vaganti
Direction: Anna Dora Dorno
Artistic concept in Spain: Cross border project
Direction: Lucia Miranda
In collaboration with: Teatro La Badia, Madrid

The series investigates seven arts through a remote collaboration in video between Instabili Vaganti and Cross Borders project. Each video work will involve different artists including actors, dancers, musicians, poets, writers, visual artists, photographers and video makers both Italian and Spanish, depending on the Arts explored: Theater, Dance, Cinema, Music, Literature and Poetry, Photography, Architecture, Painting ,Visual Arts including digital arts, video art and comics.
The aim is to reveal the saving power of the arts and their intrinsic cathartic function, enhancing their constant search for beauty and the ability to generate a poetic universe, especially in the most difficult historical periods.
A vital contagious hymn common to the different disciplines and capable of transcending the differences of language, race, religion, gender and of creating a common emotional universal language.