Contemporary Creation in the Global Era

2012 - 2020

Concept and direction: Anna Dora Dorno – Nicola Pianzola | Instabili Vaganti
Artists involved within the project
Musicians and composers: Alberto Novello JesterN
Visual artists: Luana Filippi 

In collaboration with 
2012/2016:: UNAM – Centro Cultural Universitario Tlatelolco | UVA Unidad de vinculacion artistica – Mexico City – Messico
2015 ::EU project CONTACT ZONES performing Arts in Urban Spaces – Italy
2013 :: IIFUT International Iranian Festival of University Theatre – Iran
2013 :: ENAT – Escuela national de Arte Teatral | Mexico
2012 :: Festival Internacional Cerro de Arena – Mexico

Megalopolis reflects on the new concept of “Global City” and global society caused by the globalization and the constant increase of the phenomenon of urbanization. The project focused its research on the relation between tradition and contemporary, interculturalism and globalization starting from the exploration of the memory of places and of the people belonging to the biggest metropolis of the globe. The task is to explore both the positive and negative aspects of these changes and of their repercussions on culture, mass communication systems, on single individuals belonging to this global era. The globalized city contains the contributions of all the ethnic groups populating it and interacting everyday with it, it’s also the pulsing centre of the all nations on the political point of view, where every demonstration or protest rises from. 
Thanks to the numerous working experiences led in different countries of the world, we had the opportunity to live and work in real Megalopolis and to understand the important role these huge cities have in their territory. From those megalopolis emerged common aspects, at the same time globalizing and uniform, so clear and recurring in a way that disoriented us. Places where the identity of a whole country mixed up, got lost and at the same time it was presented again through countless characteristic aspects, mostly connected with events of a cultural return and of the protection of traditions. Places where grew the tragedy born from the constant dialectic between innovation and cultural resistance, creation of opportunities and overwhelming competition, wish of success and depersonalization, market rules and survival.
MEGALOPOLIS refers to the current situation of economical and cultural crisis of the Western world which are leading to the collapse of capitalism and to the following crisis of its values, by letting weaknesses and contradictions appear, and at the same time new possibilities of reaction and change. The project focuses its research on different themes that express the nowadays’ crisis of the contemporary society.

Since 2012 the research process has developed through workshops, residencies ad site-specific performances in the biggest metropolis of the planet in order to meet new inputs for the artistic creation and cultural reflection on our global era.
The project is therefore inspired by all these reflections and by the research and practical work done in some of those megalopolis: Mexico City, Seoul, London, Tehran, New Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai.