International project Megalopolis

Addressed to 43 students,actors,dancers,performers
Aimed to the creation of a site-specific urban performance

The workshop is born into the international project Megalopolis’ framework in order to explore the mass dynamics, including public demonstrations arisen because of some social and political events, which could developed in global and world-re known reactions, although they began in a local context. From the more general themes – that are research subjects of the project – the workshop deepens a specific tragedy: the enforced disappearances of 43 Mexican students happened on the 26th September 2014 in Iguala and the consequent Global Actions induced by artists, students and protesters in response to this fact. The workshop will be both an opportunity to take an active part in the project and to join an “Acciòn Global”, a performing and political action connecting to the countless voices who are still protesting for justice! 
The 43 faces of the disappeared students became an icon, a symbol for the war against the enforced disappearances, for this reason we decided to open this workshop to 43 persons. The participants will work with Nicola Pianzola and Anna Dora Dorno, founders of the company, on physical, rhythmic and vocal training, on spatial dynamics and on the connection between body-space and urban structures, on the construction of both individual and coral physical actions based on the connection between choir-single person, mass-individual. The physical actions will flow into a final performance that will be presented in site-specific locations.
In a moment when Mexico’s destiny seems to be more complicated because of the worsening of the relationships with U.S.A., it’s becoming even more important and needed to pay close attention to certain themes -like enforced disappearances that are afflicting this country- in order to take an active and political position against the connivance between the drug trade and global politics.
The event of the students of Ayotzinapa marked the birth of an international movement who reacted by focusing the world’s attention on the general conditions of the country that brought to more than 30000 disappearances in ten years; a situation that includes also countless femicides, journalists’ assassinations and other unpunished crimes.
The workshop represents a concrete action to inspire the performer for a consciousness raising of his political role and express to the audience the social importance of a civil-emotional theatre that could take on the current problems of the contemporary society and at the same time create a more positive reaction, because of its artistic and poetic nature. 
The workshop is part of the project MEGALOPOLIS#Mexico, based on the strong connection between the company and a country so culturally rich and fascinating like Mexico, in order to investigate both its artistic and anthropological aspects and deepen the social problems caused by globalization and geographic proximity to U.S.A.
We ask the participants to bring two jeans and two white T-shirts.