Nicola Pianzola

Performer – Training director 

He is a performer, a theatre pedagogue and an organizer. He was born in 1977 in Novara, Italy. He graduated at the University of Bologna – Department of music and performance and he got a master degree in theatre management. He has studied physical theatre graduating at the Nouveau Cirque school of Bologna and Contemporary Circus School in Turin.

His artistic training took shape whilst working in Poland with Zygmunt Molik and TeatrPiesnKozla, in Denmark with Odin Teatret, in Brazil with Augusto Omolù, in Italy with Kataklò Athletic dance theatre. As a performer he worked with Agustin Leteler (Chile), Els Comediantes (Spain) and with Laboratorio Permanente of Domenico Castaldo and Pippo Delbono (Italy). He is currently an actor in all the productions of Instabili Vaganti theatre company and training director in the international theatre research projects led by the company all over the world. He has created and led the international theatre project LENZ supported by Theater Fabrik Sachesn of Leipzig, Old Vic theatre of London, International Shakespeare festival of Yerevan. As a theatre pedagogue, he is specialized in physical training and acrobatics for actors, in theatre and circus arts for children and for actors with handicaps. He has led workshops within the Atelier of Grotowski Institute in Wroclaw, the International Workshop Festival, the BIPAF International Festival, the Busan theatre summer camp, in S. Korea; the VIII° and IX° International meeting of national Drama schools in Mexico, Spectrum Festival workshop in Austria and the IIFUT International Iranian Festival of University theatre. He has won several national and international awards as a performer of the solo show MADE IN ILVA including the nomination at the total theatre awards at the Edinburgh Fringe 2014. He collaborates with the University of Bologna, Department of music and performance where he gives workshops, work demonstrations, lectures and film screenings about physical theatre and Grotowski‟s work. He won the DAMS Award for his research and experience in theatre with actors with handicaps. He collaborates with Hystrio theatre magazine writing articles in Teatromondo a publication on theatre in different countries and with fattiditeatro theatre webzine where he is editor of Instabili Vaganti on tour a section on the international theatre projects led in different countries by his theatre company.