Instabili Vaganti

Experimental Theatre Company

Founded in 2004 by the director Anna Dora Dorno and the actor Nicola Pianzola, the company focuses on an experimental ongoing research in physical theatre and performing arts.
Instabili Vaganti works worldwide producing performances and directing projects collaborating with international artists, performers, musicians and video makers. The company is continuing research on the actor’s craft, developing a pedagogical work method valued all over the world and requested in many universities and theatre academies. In the view of the company the performer is one of the most important elements. Their presence is affirmed through their improved physical and vocal abilities, transforming their bodies in an instrument able to communicate with different artistic forms. A total theatre characterized by the organic flow of the action, the original dramaturgy and music, the contamination with new media and visual arts. A poetic work which is able to communicate strong, emotional, impacting messages.
Since 2010 Instabili Vaganti has the artistic direction of the LIV Performing Arts Centre and the International Workshop Festival PerformAzioni

International Projects
Since 2006 the company has engaged in the direction of international research projects involving performers and artists coming from all over the world.

Rags of Memory: Performing Arts Project investigating the theme of memory and developed in several countries in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Latin America. Thanks to the collaborations of the Bauhaus Foundation of Dessau, the Grotowski Institute of Wroclaw and the Hooyong Performing Arts Centre in S.Korea.
LENZ: Theatre research and dramaturgic project on the author J. R. M. Lenz, developed across Italy and Germany, in collaboration with the Fabrik Sachsen Theater and involving Italian and German actors and dancers.
Running in the Fabrik: experimental theatre research project developed in Italy and the UK thanks to the collaboration with the Old Vic Theatre of London and involving an international cast of performers.
MEGALOPOLIS: Experimental project investigating the contemporary creation in the global era, developed in the biggest metropolis of the planet with collaborations of Festival Internacional Cerro de Arena and ENAT in Mexico City, IIFUT International Iranian Festival of University Theatre in Teheran.

Pedagogical work
Anna Dora Dorno and Nicola Pianzola have led work sessions and workshop in several important events as: Atelier of the Grotowski Institute of Wroclaw, International Workshop Festival and the BIPAF Festival in South Korea, VIII° and IX° International Meeting of National Drama schools in Mexico City promoted by ORMACC UNESCO – ITI. They have given lectures and theatre classes in several universities such as the University of Kent in UK, the Babes Bolyai University in Romania, the Kyungsung University in S.Korea, the UNAM in Mexico, the University of Bologna and Matera in Italy.