TRENOff 2017

TRENOff is the first example of Fringe Festival in Bologna, dedicated to contemporary performing arts. The concept and the name of the festival are inspirated by the suggestive location where the first edition succesfuly took place in 2012: A public residential complex called “Train”, the architectural symbol of working-class district Barca, in he suburban zone of Bologna, which shape reminds of train’s compartments. All the events of the festival take part of the Summer Activities project BEST – La cultura si fa spazio of City of Bologna.
The second edition in 2017 of TRENOff, with the artistic direction of Instabili Vaganti, includes also the Move the Culture Award, a support facility to performing projects production, dedicated to artists, groups and comanies which use contemporary languages.
The main theme of this edition is GLOBALISATION and the relation between Global e Glocal, with its implications in urban area and in Megalopolis. These terms are to be used in the creative process which should consider the relation with urban areas, the interaction with the local multicultural community and also creating a reflection, giving food for thoughts about the social inclusive aspects, particularly important in suburban zones.