PerformAzioni 2017

2nd May – 8th June 2017
LIV Performing Arts Centre – Bologna

Workshop – Meetings – Intercultural exchages – Work demonstration – Performance

Artistic direction
Instabili Vaganti

The international workshop Festival PerformAzioni was developed to create an annual meeting for higher formation in performing arts at international level, hosting artists and masters from all around the world.

The main objective is to identify young entities of international contemporary scene capable of spreading new ways of making theatre and of managing performing projects, which can create innovative and diversified professional experience , enrich the cultural and educational offer of the region and involve heterogeneous and multicultural audience.

The backbone of the VI edition of PerformAzioni is a six-week international workshop lead by Anna Dora Dorno and Nicola Pianzola, the founding members of the company which handle the artistic direction of the festival. The workshop is focused on the themes raised in the international project MEGALOPOLIS which explores experimentation and performative creation in the global era.

Furthermore, the festival hosts a step of the third edition of Encuentro Fronterizo, a project on exchange of performing practices conceived by Performer Persona Project company, from Chile. It is going to take place in Italy as well as in Poland. In fact, the first edition was developed in collaboration with Instabili Vaganti, on the occasion of the first encounter in 2015 in Valparaiso (Chile).

The workshop “Cross-border meeting” stems from the desire to keep alive this encounter beween two companies. It is open to everone who wishes to explore the borders of theatre practice by observation and participation in the process of theoretical and practical dialogue generated by the confrontation with each company on theatre and permormer’s art research.

The sixth edition of the Festival aims to explore the meaning of “border” in this particular moment of tension in the history, when the threat of new refusals and barriers is influencing the global society. The main intention is to conceive the border as a intercultural meetingpoint and to share different pratices of art creation.

Apart from the workshops lead by both companies, there are also meetings focused on work of the invited artists including video screenings, work demonstrations, parts of permormance, moments of confrontation with the observers and the attendees.

The VI edition of Festival PerformAzioni is supported by Emilia – Romagna Region.
The third edtion of Cross-border Meeting <> Encuentro Fronterizo (Italy Poland 2017) project of the Chilean company Performer Persona Project is supported by CNCA Fondart Convocatoria 2017.