PerformAzioni 2016

Celebrating the 10th anniversary of Rags of memory project
Workshop – Residency programs – Meetings – Intercultural Exchanges – Work demonstrations – Performances

The International workshop Festival Performazioni aims to create an an annual event on higher education in the field of performing arts, hosting masters from all over the world.

The festival will offer a program of training and theatre education that will inspire a deep exploration of the actor’s craft. Professional performers will have the opportunity to gain different techniques ranging from physical and vocal training, to dance and martial arts, with the purpose of applying traditional and ritual arts elements to the contemporary performing arts.

The intent is to identify young realities of the contemporary international scene, that can transmit new ways of doing theatre and direct research projects able to create innovative and different professional experiences, which can enrich the cultural and educational offer of the territory and involve a multicultural and heterogeneous audience.

This fifth edition of the Festival is dedicated to the celebration of the 10 years of research and training led all over the world by Instabili Vaganti within their research project Rags of Memory

Rags of Memory aims to re work and update the traditional performing arts forms from different cultures through the new media and the languages of the contemporary theatre. The project develops through international work sessions in different and may involve performers from all over the world.

Some of the artists, who over the last years have taken part in the project, will be hosted in the artists in residence program at LIV – Performing Arts Centre, in order to take part in an intercultural exchange on traditional and contemporary performing practices, and to present their work within the Festival.

The artists and the masters invited to this special edition of the festival are: Jesus Quintero (Colombia) – faculty program manager and theater department director at the Monarch School in Heron, Montana (USA), artistic director of American Laboratory Theatre (USA); Chandana Sarma (India) – Actress and dancer; Luana Filippi (Italy) – visual artist