28th – 30th May

DAS – Dispositivo Arti Sperimentali Bologna

Autofiction: tell one’s own story on stage
Dramaturgy workshop directed by Sergio Blanco


Dramaturgy workshop Directed by Sergio Blanco Aimed at playwrights, directors, actors, actresses and theatre students

The seminar is coordinated, structured and directed by Sergio Blanco and it deals with the theme of autofiction in the field of performing arts and its many challenges and risks. The focus will be on the study of the different forms of autofiction, from self-representation to autobiography, passing through self-reference, self-incarnation and self-report. Starting from the analysis of some key-texts of the genre, the seminar will try to investigate the poetical possibilities of the ego expressing and confessing itself to itself, and making its experiences the main source of creation.

The seminar will have both a theoretical and practical part. At the end of each day the students will be asked to actually work on a possible autofiction and its set performance.