TaFMA – Task force for Music and Arts (INDIA)

Born out of the established Music Task Force (MTF), the newly formed Task Force for Music and Arts (Tafma) has been working since 2019 with an Attentive Eye on how to promote artists in Nagaland. Whether it’s choirs, songwriters, directors or anything else, Tafma considers art as one of the powers of his Naga people. Reaching beyond the main centres of Dimapur and Kohima, Tafma embraces all the arts, with a special attention on music. Tafma organized several festivals, joining partners such as music teacher AR Rahman, the K.M. Conservatory or collaborators in Southeast Asia and other parts of the subcontinent. It also organizes the Hornbill Music Festival, the pride of the artistic cultural heritage of Nagaland. The Hornbill festival, dedicated to the local culture that is rich in dances and traditional music, provides for the setting up of concerts and live performances in specific sites  and natural contexts, bringing together the different ethnic groups of the region and visitors from all over the world who come to watch the spectacular dances of local tribes. Tafma is the only Indian government organization dedicated to music and performing arts.