Review by Katie Mitchell for The Public reviews

August 12, 2014

Made in ILVA: The Contemporary Hermit.

[…] In the Taranto 30% of the population have lung tumors while the factory is still thriving financially. Therefore the piece voices anti-capitalist views highlighting how society accepts to sweep issues like these under the carpet or under a pile of ever-growing dead bodies. Through repetitive mechanical movements Pianzola puts his body through pure exhaustion and pain to display the factory’s brutality towards its workers where ‘work’, ‘produce’ and money are more important than the well-being of its employees. […]. The corruption and capitalist nature of society is displayed through voiceovers throughout and how in this case; […] The video projections on the floor emphasise a technological society and overwhelming destruction of humanity. The performance voices many important issues that are all too easily forgotten about, and does so in a thought provoking and innovative way.