Review by Ashok Atreya – Jaipur Theatre Critic

8 March 2018

No kiss to stop the clock...!

MADE IN ILVA is not a pre-mature or a post mortem delivery. It’s a human machine delivered in time without any Jesus or Marx…as this is a pure theatre well organized to the precision of ultimate creativity.May be its a post industrial scandal but its justification is no phenomena.
The best part is the actors and directors perfect combination of concept and the most intricated projections of the subhuman condition by which a factory work is converted into a machine.
There is a complete rhythm of alienation and exploitation and the solo actor has transformed his total energy into the agony, as if some obsessive compulsion has taken deep root in the body-mind set of the actor Nicola Pianzola who sees no escape from this grave situation.
I REMENBER FRANZ KAFKA’S METAMORPHOSIS HERE ..and Gregor Sanza, who wakes from a dreadful dream and find himself converted into a gigantic insect. The situation is here factory but not home. But I WOULD LIKE TO ADD, THE UNFORTUNATE PART.The bad there seems no ray of hope here..and IF WE REMEMBER BERNARD SHAW, WE DO NOT SEE ANY SCOPE OF A KISS..WHICH COULD STOP THE CLOCK. A good doubt.

Seen at Jawhar Kala Kendra – Jaipur International Festival