Michele Di Donato, The Pickwick

20 March 2016


43 is the number of an unsolved obsession, of a screamed truth […] 43 is a number that quantifies and identifies one of the defeats of what we persists to call “civilization.” […] The history repeats itself, but the memory is nurtured; the art takes charge of it and becomes an act of love for the truth, a civil action in oppostition to the lie. The art, in form of theater, transforms itself in the work of the company Instabili Vaganti, in a poetic fresco […] Bodies, videos, music and voices join to create a staging with a strong emotional impact: it intends to act the presence as a testimonial evidence becaming a belly to a cry for justice capable of reaching the conscience. […] More than the civil passion act, touches us the poetical gesture that accompanies and explains it. […] “hasta cuándo?”, “how long?”, how long to be alive will still be a subversive action? Desaparecidos#43 doesn’t give answer, it only tries to give us an inspiration. And it succeeds it.