The Organic Body

Workshop on physical & vocal training

The starting point of the work is the research of the organic quality of actions and text, an essential element for the performer who is seeking for the truth of his acting. Within the workshop, the participants will learn how to overcome the limits blocking the flow of Energy with the aim to reach an organic quality of the body and voice. They will learn some techniques aimed to improve their scenic presence and to acquire the base to build their own physical and vocal training.
The workshop aims to amplify listening skills in relation to the impulses coming from the external environment and from the group, through individual, in pairs, and collective exercises.
The training of the actor includes the transmission of different techniques and abilities, through an individual process that allows each single participant to overcome his own physical and vocal limits and to build his own expressive and technical skills.

The work will foresee:

  • Acrobatics and plastic forms
  • Exploration of the different tensions and energetic temperatures.
  • Action and reaction dynamics, work in pairs with sticks.
  • Study of rhythms and movement in the space, rhythm dramaturgy, expansion of the scenic presence, of the attention and of the perception.
  • Singing and text expression, vocal harmony, polyphony, resonators.
  • Physical and vocal coordination, individual and group actions creation through the exploration of the free movement and of the improvisation process.