The memory of the body & the song of absence

Rags of memory International Project

The workshops aim to be an introduction to the research work developed within the International Performing Arts project Rags of memory and will consist in the transmission of the specific physical and vocal training created for the project to introduce participants to the creative process.
Within the workshop, the participants will learn how to overcome their own limits and discover a process that leads to free the natural flow of energy in order to reach an organic unity of the body and voice. This organic way of acting is an essential element in the search of truth by the performer who is seeking a lost memory, which is under his skin.
The physical training proposes a work on rhythm, space, different energetic temperatures, impulses and qualities of movement, relationships and interactions among individual and choral actions, and it includes the study of plastic forms, elements of acrobatics, fragments of ritual dances.
Through an active work on his memory and on the stimulation of his own inner and fantastic imaginary, this process brings, in a natural way, to the rediscovery of ones own organic voice. The vocal training in fact, doesn’t have the sole purpose to technically train the voice but it also connects the body with its spirit and its own abilities of expression.
Fundamental in this sense is the work on the “singing body”, that will bring to the discovery of the impulses that activate the different resonators and create a vocal score of text and song to be alive. This work stems from the study and the exploration of different songs generated from the rich Italian tradition. A rediscovered strong presence of the performer becomes ready to evoke the absence of his memory.