Beyond Borders

The workshop comes from Instabili Vaganti’s long-standing experience in facing strongly actual issues as social commentary and political activism using physical theatre, performance art and multimedia. Throughout extended tours in Chile, Mexico, Uruguay, Korea, China and India the company has worked in contact with different cultures in heavily critical political environments and borderlands. The workshop will focalize on theatre as a tool of social commentary and – at the same time – as a means of expression for the performer’s creative freedom. The performer will have the possibility to interact with different forms of art. The participants will follow the physical, rhythmical and vocal training conceived by the company to acquire the necessary instruments to reconstruct an Agora, a Polis, meant as a founding structure of theatre itself, as an ideal place to experiment a plural opinion.

For actors, dancers, students

The workshop is organized in collaboration with Culture Monks
To participate please fill the APPLICATION FORM ON LINE.