VISIONARY ACTIONS // Live media performance lab

Visionary Action is a workshop dedicated to creating a live media performance for dancers, artists, actors, and directors. The seminar aims to stimulate personal and professional creativity in the production of interactive installations and live performances based on the use of the body in relation to technology and devices. A live media performance is a work in which the performer interacts with a complex multi-sensorial architecture, through the use of interaction design devices (sensors, motion tracking devices, cameras implemented for computer vision) capable of transforming biometric and kinetic data into live visualization and/or generative sound experience. The goal is to produce a software-based “dramaturgy” that conceptually reflects the contemporary experience of our “augmented” bodies, connected to the network and amplified by the devices.


– introduction to the art of live media performance
– introduction to interaction design devices (computer vision, sensors, biometric data, software, and hardware)
– the design of a live media performance: intention, device, and detonator
– from ready-made tools to hi-tech devices: building a live media performance using what you have at home
– introduction to the production of video and generative graphics
– introduction to the production of generative audio
– live media for dancers, experimental cinema and experimental theater
– performing in the virtual: from guerrilla actions on social networks to performances on Second Life.
– Introduction to the creative use of virtual reality and augmented reality.


Francesca Fini

Francesca Fini is an interdisciplinary artist working with experimental cinema, digital animation, new media, installation and performance art. Her many and varied projects, often addressing issues related to femininity, the distortions in the perception of beauty, the influences of society on gender and women’s issues, are a mix of traditional and digital media, lo-fi technology, 3D animation, homemade interaction design devices, live audio and video. She is an Italian based artist, but exhibits, researches and works all over the world. In 2016 she completed the experimental film Ophelia Doesn’t Drawn (with Istituto Luce Cinecittà), referred by Adriano Aprà, as one of the best Italian films of the last 10 years. Francesca Fini is mentioned by Treccani encyclopedia in the new voice cyber-performance, as one of the most representative artists of the new scenic languages in Italy.

“The moving images of Francesca Fini are disturbing devices, evoking passions and emotions, they stage a body amplified by technology that keeps its animal and biological nature intact. The videos of her performances, always of excellent quality, are not just recordings but real small films full of surprising and bewitching geniality.”
(Alessio Galbiati – Digicult)


– Participants must wear comfortable clothing, suitable for exercise and dance: comfortable shoes and terry socks. They must also wear a very showy evening gown or at least one elegant garment that will be “performed”
– Along with the garment, a colorful cardboard box with some personal items inside containing a story (personal or family) that the participants are willing to share with the group
– Concerning the equipment, the participants must bring their own laptop
– Bring a good HD webcam and possibly a camera to make movies to download on their computer
– As an alternative to the camera, a mobile phone along with the various cables to be able to download videos and photos on the computer ( phone-to-pc )- It would be ideal for participants to already have graphics and video software in the computer, such as photoshop, after effects, final cut, imovie, premiere etc. As an alternative:
– Participants will also need to download Isadora (also in test version): the interaction design software that will be used


31 August – 4 September 2020 h.10 a.m. – 2 p.m.
LIV Performing Arts Centre – Bologna

TO PARTICIPATE it’s necessary to fill the ON LINE APPLICATION FORM .