MADE IN ILVA conquista los Juegos Olímpicos del teatro en la India

MADE IN ILVA regresa de la gira en la India en el marco de las 8th Theatre Olympics y del Jaipur International Festival.

3 funciones en 3 ciudades
Patna | Delhi | Jaipur
1 funcion extraordinaria
1 taller con 50 estudiantes en la Nationals School of Drama
4 conferencias en el marco del World Theatre Forum en New Delhi y del International Seminar en Mumbai
Mas de 2000 espectadores

Review by Ashok Atreya

With the enormous energy and inbuilt art MADE IN ILVA has responded with very higher levels of creativity to meet and expose the challenges of the Industrial capitalism where man or a worker is forced violently to produce…produce and produce…for survival and for his bare existence. The space control and the movement of body of the actor with a very well written and documented script, and perfect voice support by the Director pin pointing the strategy of the play, the Italian theatre has implicated every possible form of theatre which can expose the hidden realities of so called work culture..its a pathetic outcome which seems to have no alternative except a cry…the daily chorus of a factory worker,without zero possibilities of doubt makes a sense an a purpose to produce something different in the name of theatre for Jaipurites. Thanks…