The Ritual site-specific version at PerformAzioni International Festival

Back from the International Festival 4/4 in Tunisia, The Ritual will be staged within PerformAzioni Festival in the suggestive spaces of the church in Oratorio San Filippo Neri in Bologna historical centre, on the 5th June 2019 at 20.30

Review by Manjari Sirvastava for Jansatta

Anna Doro Dorno’s impeccable direction and acting coupled with actor Nicola Pianzola’s stunning performance are a veritable representation of the outstanding level that international theatrical performances have achieved. This theatrical piece makes use of bodily and phonal actions, live music and video projections to make it a fundamentalist and experimentalist work. The scenes have been divided into 3 circles of light containing elements of rice, soil, stones, water and fire. Rags of memory is a timeless garden where mysterious and ceremonial actions and songs are presented in a fundamental and unique way either through projections or by the actors. Acting is a metaphor for the cycle of life in which birth, compassion and death are represented and have been made stable in the timeless yet recurring rituals.