VII International work session - Rags of memory project


The end
Directed by Instabili Vaganti

28th May – 6th June 2018
Oratorio di San Filippo Neri – Bologna | Italy

Within the frame of
PerformAzioni International Workshop Festival
In collaboration with
Mismaonda and Fondazione Del Monte di Bologna e Ravenna

The VII° International work session of Rags of memory project is organized and directed by Instabili Vaganti. The occasion marks the end of the celebrations of the 10 year research project. The project has generated and triggered a series of reflections, both on the value and meaning of the artistic investigation pathway. In turn results have been achieved and on possible future developments recognized. These reflections are contained in the book Rags of Memory which will be presented at the opening of the session.

The company has based its investigation into the pursuit of an UTOPIA, into the creation of a meeting space in which to create an universal language capable of integrating the past into the present and projecting it into the future, through a shared performing action. A space, not physical, if not in a temporary way, but present continuously in time and in the relationships that are created and interchanged between people: through experiences, their experiences and especially their memories. An ideal place that contains an artistic vision that stretches and expresses a parallel or “virtual” reality in which to live and act both aesthetically and ethically. Today, however, the manifold possibilities of our “liquid” society, multiply these parallel realities to infinity, and virtual worlds begin to be innumerable and become increasingly possible to reach. UTOPIA loses its unitary character and often degenerates into a series of dystopian worlds. Universality, which appeared as the only way to elevate human action, to reach ARCHETYPUS, has turned into globalization, including in its meaning something mediocre, tending towards LEVELING. If it is not possible to strive for an ideal, the future loses its meaning and becomes immobilized in an eternal present.

Which path to be followed for the human being?
And for the performer?
What could be the meaning of our project today?
Is it possible to bring our UTOPIA to an EUTOPIA?
Towards the creation of a “good” place, in which you can still imagine a future, in which you can still give value to the past?
Is it possible to rediscover our inner time?
Or do we have to look at the END?
And if the end were to arrive could it represent a new beginning?